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IMO Online

IMO Online enables you to view and immediately book convenient medico-legal appointments for your clients.

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National Panel at Your Fingertips

Access to 600+ Medical Specialists and Allied Health Professionals Nationwide.

Customers can view the specialist’s calendars but also their CVs which include all their industry accreditations, appropriate referrals and special medical interests.

Request an Appointment

New Feature! Request your desired appointment, our team will do the hard work, and get back to you with suitable options.

View Your Reports Online

New Feature! View your reports as soon as they are ready, no need to wait for an email.

Instead of having the call our team to check on the status of a report. You have the ability now to view it in real time via the Reports tab. You can also download the report as soon as it is complete from the online portal, without the need to receive an email from the Reports team.

Multi-Factor Authentication

New Feature! Logging in has never been so secure.

Now when logging in, customer will be sent an authentication password to their nominated email address.

This is another step in protecting the confidential and sensitive data that our customers are dealing with.

Most of the documentation that is uploaded to our portal is people’s medical information, and we want to make sure it is as secure as possible

View Appointment Status in Real Time

Login to see if your claimant attended their appointment.

The booking platform allows you to track the status of an appointment. From booking, to report complete.

This feature means that instead of having to call our team to find out if a claimant attended their appointment, they can just login to the portal and check for themselves.

Upload Documents 50MB at a Time

New Feature! Don’t let those large files get you down – upload up to 50MB at a time.

This new feature is really fantastic, as there sometimes a really high volume of documentation that needs to be provided for these appointments.

Clients will often have to break up large PDF files in order to email them across to us. This facility now allows them to upload huge files at once, without needed to break them up.

The facility is also more secure than using email or direct post. Many of our clients are becoming more and more conscious about security measures.

Browse Multiple Options in One Search

New Feature! Looking for an Orthopaedic Surgeon and a Psychiatrist? Easily coordinate double bookings at the same time.

When looking for appointments, our customers now have the ability to choose multiple specialties or specialists in one search. For example if I need a Psychiatrist and Orthopaedic Surgeon, I can now select these two options from the drop down, and have the results all together. Rather than having to run multiples searches to book two appointments.